The perfect louvered hot tub enclosure!

With FLEXfence, building the perfect louvered hot tub enclosure is easy-peazy!

Not only does FLEXfence look great around a hot tub, but it’s also ideal for providing the right amount of privacy and ventilation. Do you have nosy neighbours? Or is it too windy? Then just close the louvers! Does the area around your hot tub or spa get too hot and steamy? Then just open the louvers! Privacy and air circulation are main benefits of the FLEXfence Louver System.

Louvered Hot Tub Enclosure Examples

Let’s look at a couple of louvered hot tub enclosures some of our customers have built.

The louvered railings on Steve’s Hot Tub Deck are 40 inches high.

Out first DIY Project is from Stouffville, Ontario. Steve built this louvered railing around his hot tub in about a day. Using pressure-treated “pine”, he made his railing 40 inches high. But you could easily expand the vertical length of the railings to approximately 5 – 6 feet to provide even more privacy. Nice job Steve!

Paul added a pergola to his louvered hot tub enclosure. Very Creative!
Next up, is Paul from Peoria, Illinois. He came up with a beautiful design for his louvered hot tub enclosure that also incorporates a pergola, for even more privacy. Paul modified a board on board fence with a louvered FLEXfence top to provide a skirted bottom and louvered top. A DIY project such as this one may take a few days depending on your skill level. For projects with horizontal louvers, we recommend limiting the span to a maximum of 4 feet, which will reduce the chance of “sagging” in the wood.
As you can see here, Paul modified a board on board fence with a louvered FLEXfence top to provide a skirted bottom and louvered top.

Another Installation Tip

Please keep in mind for projects such as these, use screws to install the track system for the louvers on the inside of the frame. And make sure the tracks are level and lined up with each other. And in some projects, the tracks might run in different directions for better control over the sunlight.

Bottom line: using FLEXfence for a louvered hot tub enclosure is an easy DIY project. Come up with your own design or visit our DIY page and select a project.

Visit our Showcase for even more great ideas, and don’t forget to your pictures!