4 Reasons Why You Should Add a Louvered Pergola to Your Outdoor Space

We’ve told you about the many benefits of having a FLEXfence louvered pergola, but if the stylish checkerboard pattern, added ventilation, and protection from heat and cold aren’t enough, here are another four reasons why you should add a pergola to your outdoor space!

1. Louvered pergolas extend your living space.

Your backyard is an extension of your home, and adding a pergola to your back deck or patio ensures you can enjoy the space beyond just the enclosed four walls of your home. Pergolas allow you to enjoy the outdoor space as if you were indoors, adding coverage so that you can spend more time outdoors enjoying the beauty of your own backyard!

2. It protects you from the elements.

While what has already been mentioned, it bears repeating: pergolas are excellent at protecting you from the elements! Sitting on a deck or patio without adequate protection from excessive heat or wind can make being outdoors less enjoyable. Luckily, FLEXfence louvered pergolas are great at ensuring the hot sun doesn’t do its damage, and they block the chill of the wind. Close the louvers and you’re even protected from the rain!

3. A louvered pergola upgrades your space.

A beautifully (and easily) constructed louvered pergola makes your outdoor space a reflection of your style! If you love entertaining or just want some added privacy, a louvered pergola is a perfect addition to your space. Your imagination is the only limit for what you can achieve with your FLEXfence louvered pergola!

4. It adds value to your home.

Adding a louvered pergola to your outdoor space adds clear value to your home. Should you decide to part with your home, remember that the next homeowner will likely enjoy the pergola for the same reasons you did! It’s a minimal investment that adds style and function, which are prized by homebuyers looking for that perfect forever space.

A FLEXfence louvered pergola lets you enjoy your outdoor patio or deck to the fullest!

FLEXfence louvered pergolas are a simple and affordable way to upgrade your space while ensuring you can enjoy your deck or patio in almost any kind of weather. You can find here the instructions and DIY guide for louvered pergola!Whether it’s an entertainment area, a covered hot tub spot or just a private space to relax and unwind, our easy DIY louvered system lets you make your outdoor space your own!