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Whether you want to add a finishing touch to the backyard privacy fence project you’ve been working on for weeks, cordon off a narrow walkway on the side of your house, or add a door to your deck to keep little ones from trying their luck on stairs without a helping hand from you, louvered privacy gates provide the answer to a variety of practical problems for your outdoor areas.

Privacy Gates: The Solution for Added Security, Controlled Access and More

Wooden privacy gates are more than just pretty facades. They can be the solution to a variety of issues, including:


For houses without the luxury of a garage, a privacy fence with a gate provides a barrier that makes it more difficult for thieves to enter your backyard and steal the valuable belongings you store there.

Things like your BBQ, bicycles, recycling bins and even treasured pets stay out of site and away from quick reach, while louvers allow you to screen pickup and delivery personnel, contractors and even potential trespassers before they become troublesome.

While you can opt for a springy auto-close mechanism for your privacy gates, you can also add hardier iron handles and deadbolt locks for extra security, as well as aluminum door posts for frame fortification.

As a bonus, many insurers offer a discount on insurance premiums because of the increased security that privacy gates provide for your home.


Noise and Airflow

While it might not seem like a big deal at first, once you retreat behind it, you’ll realize the louvers on your privacy gates are crucial to creating a quality environment where fresh air can flow in while annoying noise stays out.



One of the best things about privacy gates or a privacy fence with a gate is that they allow you to control access in and out of your property.
When you’re throwing a hot tub party or expecting lots of holiday guests, you can send them directly to your gazebo or backyard without them tramping through your house.


There are lots of choices when it comes to using your privacy gates to show off your style chops or create curb appeal for your home.

You can choose a traditional swinging style or outfit your privacy fence with a sliding gate. You can louver your door from top to bottom or slat just the top portion. And, although horizontal louvers are pretty standard when it comes to fence, deck and backyard doors, you can use vertical louvers to create a decidedly different look for your privacy gates if you’d like.

Lastly, you can create an attractive privacy fence sliding gate by attaching your house numbers out front or adding a place for a planter box or seasonal decorations to sit. The result? Privacy gates with a put-together look that don’t sacrifice an iota of security in the process.

Choosing Materials

The wood you choose for your privacy gates or privacy fence sliding gate project will depend on a variety of factors, including:


The level of durability you want and the price you’re willing to pay for it .

Both Redwood and Cedar softwoods are popular options for outdoor building projects like privacy gates. While Redwood’s density makes for a more durable type of timber, the extra cost compared to Cedar could be a dealbreaker for your budget. Both these woods tend not to warp and are naturally rot- and insect-resistant, so the choice is yours.


Pressure Treated Lumber
If using pressure-treated lumber ensure the wood is completely dried, or it could warp. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months for the wood to dry and stabilize.


What’s available at your local lumber yard
Because it’s grown in the United States, Redwood may not be as available as Cedar at the supply stores serving the Canadian region where you live. Ask your contractor or an experienced sales consultant at your local hardware or lumber supply centre for information about material availability before you plan your project.

A Note About Colour

We chose a black colour for our FLEXfence Louver System hardware kits, as it has better UV properties. If you want to paint it to match your designs, you’re welcome to do so; just make sure you use plastic-compatible paint.


French version

Deciding on the Dimensions for Your Privacy Gates

The dimensions of your privacy gates or privacy fence sliding gate will depend on the practical problems you’re trying to solve and the design you believe best tackles them.  

Our FLEXfence Louver System hardware is available in 4-foot standard kits or custom lengths to a maximum of 8 feet and can be easily cut and sized to meet your needs. Each kit includes an operating bar that allows you to adjust your gate louvers, all fastening hardware, rails and brackets, plus easy-to-follow assembly instructions.  

Still have questions? Check out the customer-created privacy gates in the Showcase section of our site, or download DIY plans for a louvered gate designed to meet most homeowners’ needs for security and stability

Deciding Between DIY or Contractor-Installed Privacy Gates

Creating privacy gates or even a privacy fence with a sliding gate using our FLEXfence Louver System and our downloadable plans is well within the DIY capabilities of most homeowners.

But, if you’d rather leave the construction to a professional, you can direct your carpenter or contractor to the Dimension Guide and Calculator tools on our website, so they can better estimate the materials you’ll need and price your work accordingly. 

Where to Buy

You’ll find a selection of retailers and regional outlets that stock our FLEXfence Louver System hardware kits in Canada and the USA on our Where to Buy page, but you can also view a list of nearby suppliers by simply entering your city and country in our location tool.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Ready to buy your FLEXfence Louver System hardware kits and build privacy gates that add both security and style? Read reviews from people just like you who’ve used our FLEXfence Louver System to beautify their homes by creating everything from privacy gates and pergola roofs to plantation shutters and deck fences.

FAQs About Louvered Privacy Gates

When constructing my privacy gates, what is the recommended max horizontal span for the slats?

If you run the boards horizontally, we recommend shorter spans to help prevent sagging. Spans greater than 4′ are NOT recommended. The wood species also affects the wood span. Pressure-treated (PT) lumber has a tendency to warp and/or twist when wet, whereas Cedar and Redwood are more stable. PT spans greater than 4′ are NOT recommended. .

When mounting FLEXfence onto a gate post, does it matter whether we use 4" or 6" fence posts?

With 4″ x 4″ posts, you can center the rails onto the posts, and you will have access to attach the operating bar (the last step in assembly – Step #6 in the instructions). Whereas, when using 6″ x 6″ posts, the rails must be offset to one edge of the post to provide access for attaching the operating bar.

Has the FLEXfence Louver System been performance tested?

YES! FLEXfence has been independently tested for quality control. We post product test results for snow loads and wind on our website, and if you scroll down to just below those results, you’ll find information about our manufacturer’s warranty as well. 

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