Louvered Blinds – A perfect solution in the Caribbean

FLEXfence is known for its versatility. Many people use them as louvered privacy walls, on pergolas, cabanas and gazebos. Allan from Tobago created these gorgeous louvered blinds, complete with mosquito netting to let the breeze in and keep insects, rain and wind out.

Allan created these stunning louvered window blinds with the FLEXfence Louver System.

FLEXfence’s hardware is made from exterior graded PVC, which is a durable plastic. This makes it rustproof! Using the optional upgraded stainless fasteners, Allan’s louvered window blinds will last in tropical climates like Tobago. Tropical climates often have a “rainy season,” which in Tobago can last up to seven months. Rustproof hardware is essential for it to last for years to come.

In Tobago, there is a weather occurrence called “Sea Blast.” Sea blast is when the salt from the ocean is carried in the air. Metal structures must be specially treated with galvanize to prevent rust. However, even galvanized-treated metal will eventually rust. This isn’t a problem for the FLEXfence with upgraded stainless fasteners! For more information, reach out to our Sales team.

FLEXfence brackets for Louvered Blinds

FLEXfence is also UV stabilized for the hot sunny weather. In combination with the rainy weather and sea blast, FLEXfence is the perfect choice for any structure on Tobago!

FLEXfence’s bracket. You can snap off the end pieces to accommodate thicker louver blades.

A close up shot of the louver when attached to the bracket. The ribs on the bracket create a gap between the louver blade and the bracket itself.

FLEXfence’s brackets have been designed to make your louvers last. As seen in the photos above, the brackets have ribs located on the bottom and the back of the bracket. This elevates the louver when resting on the bracket. This elevation allows rain to drain thoroughly out of the louver, ensuring that there won’t be any water damage and/or rot on the louvers.

A close-up shot of the FLEXfence brackets. You can see the ribs lined in the inside bracket to create a gap between the bracket and the louver blade.

FLEXfence brackets can accommodate thicker and wider louvers. For wider louvers, snap off the end pieces on either side of the bracket (seen in the photo above). Now you can utilize any width of wood for your louvers. Allan loves this feature about his louvers because now he has the added benefit of storm protection. Allan used hefty 1”x 6” wood panels for his louvers. He can shut the louvers to protect his home from the high wind speeds the tropics often have during storm season.

The louvers can be propped open, allowing the windows to be completely opened up.

Allan installed the louvers as a hinged piece that attaches to the window frame itself, allowing it to be propped and held open by a shim. Now if he wants to let in even more wind, he can.

Allen loves his louvered window blinds. They have been customized to suit his climate and needs. This is what FLEXfence is all about: being flexible enough to suit what you need it for. For more inspiration or DIY ideas, visit our Showcase and DIY pages for louvered window awnings.