Elevate Your Outdoor Space with a Stylish Louvered Fence

Thinking of building a louvered fence this year? Consider FLEXfence!

On April 25th, FLEXfence was featured on the daytime talk show Cityline. Watch it here on our Youtube Channel!


Host Tracy Moore talked about different fencing options with guests Dave and Joey from BroLaws Construction. Dave and Joey build privacy fences for their clients, something homeowners can achieve with FLEXfence.


Extolling the benefits of a louvered fence, Dave says: “You’re not seeing through that [fence] through any angle, it’s completely blocked off all the way to the top. If you’re not that close with your neighbour, you can close things right off.”


Horizontal and/or Vertical Louvers for your Fence


FLEXfence’s louvers allow users to choose the orientation they would like the louvers to be in, therefore allowing for total control and customization of the fence. You can choose to completely close your louvers, as Dave describes in the show, or you can position them at any angle to allow sunlight in, or wind through.

A privacy wall with FLEXfence louvers open

A privacy wall with FLEXfence louvers open.

A privacy wall with FLEXfence louvers closed

A privacy wall with FLEXfence louvers closed

During the segment, Dave and Joey discuss sharing the fence with your neighbours: “Maybe your neighbour didn’t want to throw in any coin for the fence. Maybe they liked what was there before.” FLEXfence louver system offers a solution to this problem: both sides can be customized to accommodate both you and your neighbour. The designs and options are limitless!

You can change the orientation of the louvers to create different looks. “That’s fancy!” Moore said. Notice how the overall look is changed when the deck louvers are arranged in a pattern, or are opened to let in a nice breeze or some sunlight.

The deck louvers prepared with FLEXfence DIY louver system, are opened and positioned, giving the louvered privacy wall a dynamic look.

The louvers are opened and positioned, giving the privacy wall a different look.

You can install FLEXfence onto a full fence, or just sections of a fence. It’s extremely versatile, making any louvered fence beautiful while also having functionality.

The louvers prepared with FLEXfence DIY Louver Kit which are opened up to allow sunlight in, ventilation through, or a breeze in.
The louvers are opened up to allow sunlight in, ventilation through, or a breeze in.

Build a Louvered Fence to Replace Broken Lattice

You can use FLEXfence to build a whole new fence, replace a section, or get rid of that unsightly broken lattice. You can position louvers horizontally or vertically, to achieve any look you desire. FLEXfence blends functionality and style together, giving you a stunning and functional fence!

You can also use FLEXfence louver kit to build other projects, like privacy walls, awnings, pergolas, and louvered hot tub enclosures. Check out the following image of the privacy wall. You can position the louvre fence panels to get the perfect amount of sunlight, wind, or privacy, making the most of your backyard during the spring and summer months.

A stunning louvered privacy fence with louvers built in sections, allowing them to be positioned both vertically and horizontally.

A stunning privacy fence on deck prepared by FLEXfence louver kit. The louver fence panels are built in sections, allowing them to be positioned both vertically and horizontally.

FLEXfence Louver Kit is great for people who are new to DIY projects. We have many DIY project plans for projects you can build with FLEXfence, such as louvered screens, louvered pergolas, and privacy deck fences. If you have a question about anything regarding installation, measurements, or materials, please reach out to our resident carpenter Howie. He is always ready to help, and is just a quick email away!

Transform your outdoor space with the versatile and stylish FLEXfence Louver System. Whether you’re looking to build a louvered fence, privacy wall, awning, or even a louvered hot tub enclosure, FLEXfence has got you covered. With the ability to customize the orientation of the louvers, you have full control over the amount of sunlight, wind, and privacy you desire. Say goodbye to broken lattice and hello to a stunning and functional fence. And don’t limit yourself to wood – FLEXfence can be used with vinyl, wood composite, and even plexiglass.


Check out our Showcase page to see the incredible masterpieces our customers have created. Get inspired with our DIY guides for louvered screen projects and start your own outdoor transformation today.

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