FLEXfence Louver project for Privacy Deck Wall in Tokyo

Sam from Tokyo, Japan used FLEXfence to create a louvered privacy wall. Sam lives in a heavily populated area and needed something that would give him a little privacy while also blocking sun and wind. As you can see from the “before” picture below, his house opens onto an open space, which left his sliding glass doors exposed to the neighbours. The solution? A louvered privacy wall (pictured below), built on top of the existing cinder block wall. Now when Sam needs privacy, he can close the louvers and enjoy his space without prying eyes.
BEFORE: Sam’s house without his FLEXfence privacy wall.

Privacy Wall also Controls the Wind and Sunlight

In addition to controlling for privacy, Sam can open the louvers to allow a refreshing breeze or some sunlight through. He could have put up a solid wall to permanently block out the sun and wind, but that would have taken away the option to ever let the sunlight or wind in. FLEXfence is all about giving people the option to customize their living spaces to suit their needs. Not only can Sam open or close the louvers, he can position the louvers to allow just the right amount of sunlight or wind into his space (as seen below).
AFTER: Sam’s house after the addition of a FLEXfence privacy wall.
Sam has positioned the louvers so he can let in just the right amount of sunlight or wind.
Privacy walls are excellent projects for those who have little to no experience with DIY projects. The FLEXfence website includes step-by-step instructions on how to build projects like this.
Sam has positioned the louvers on his privacy wall so he can let in the right amount of sunlight or wind.

HOWIE TIP: You can also use vinyl when creating structures with FLEXfence. FLEXfence doesn’t always have to be used with wood!

Sam installing FLEXfence for his Privacy Wall in Tokyo

Sam loves his privacy wall. He says “I love my house and neighbourhood, but [I] needed [a] big fence to secure privacy, natural light, and [the wind] at all once. [I] found FLEXfence, the solution [that] meets all my needs.”

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Job Done!